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If you're looking for something to add to your home to give it a great holiday-home type feel, and to give it more practicality as well, then look no further than plantation shutters. Here we will look at what plantation shutters are, and why they are so great for many rooms.

What Are Plantation Shutters?

 Plantation shutters are so named because they are the kinds of shutters that you often see in plantations in the warmer parts of Europe etc and many people picture them when they think of these kinds of chalets and retreats. Essentially plantation shutters are shutters that go over the doors or windows of properties and can be opened or closed. They are typically wooden and usually made of slats like blinds that let in thin shafts of light.

Benefits of Plantation Shutters

 Plantation shutters have a literal plethora of advantages and there are countless reasons to use them around your home. First of all, they have a great impact on the lighting in your home. This is because they let light through in beams and cast thin shadows into the rooms which gives them a very dramatic and romantic look. Furthermore, plantation shutters give your property more 'options' when it comes to your light setting. For instance you can have your shutters closed and your main doors open which will give you a great way to let in the cool air from outside and to see the sun, without leaving the property completely open for trespassers to get in or kids and dogs to get out. Alternatively you can shut the shutters and the doors this will then give you extra darkness that makes the property more conducive to sleeping in and generally relaxing. Alternatively you can keep the shutters open and then have your doors as normal – whatever suits the weather and the situation.

 This also gives your property shade, and those strips of shade coming through the door are perfect for keeping your home cool. If your property is often too hot and you are using a lot of air conditioning to cool it back down, then by having plantation shutters you will be able to cast shadows into the room that cool it off and that keep your energy bills as low as possible. Even if you close a door or window then normally the sun will still hit that and be absorbed and this will make your property much hotter, however if you close the shutter then the heat will bounce off of the shutters and it won't heat up the window meaning you can benefit from a cooler atmosphere. It's why they're so popular in warm countries and regions, but if it gets too cool then you can simply open them.

 Plantation shutters also add more privacy and security, they prevent people from looking through your windows and they provide another layer of security that a potential thief would have to get through in order to get into your property.

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A good way to keep heat out but still let light in is with adjustable plantation shutters. The most common type are plantation shutters shutters.

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Plantation Shutters

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This article was published on 2012/02/03